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For whom speed thrills, the Bolero Attitude Concept is just for them. Feel the adrenalin rush as the vehicle zips ahead with unmatched power. This 2-door vehicle is powered by the m2DiCR engine. For that unadulterated knock-out punch, you always wanted to deliver. Experience this brute in the 2WD version and know what power is all about.

    • Body modification to convert a 5 door to a 2 door
    • Modified front bumper
    • Custom made headlamp bezel
    • Styled front grill
    • Bumper mounted towing rings
    • Halogen Projector lamps
    • Xenon projector lamps
    • Auxiliary lamps mounted on rear roll cage
    • Bonnet scoop
    • Snorkel
    • Body claddings
    • Wheel arches with allen head studs
    • Alloy wheels & Tyres
    • Restyled "B" pillar bezel
    • Side guards with checkered inset step ins
    • Custom made triple pipe rear roll cage in Stainless steel
    • Modified tail lamp with bezel
    • Custom built rear bumper
    • Bumper mounted lamps
    • Rear towing hook
    • Jerry cans on tail gate
    • Motorized antenna on tail gate
    • Cargo bay mounted spare wheel behind driver
    • Cargo cover in see through canopy
    • Body mounted pick axe & spade
    • Roof marker lamps
    • Rear auxiliary lamp connected to the reverse gear
    • Stainless steel mesh inside grills & bezels
    • Twin exhausts
    • Rear number plate bezel

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