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The power-packed and drool-worthy vehicles that we manufacture make big news. Read all that is covered by media about Mahindra Customisation.

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About Customisation

The Mahindra vehicles offer drivers and passengers both power and comfort. Since all factory produced vehicles are standardized options, many buyers choose to personalize their vehicles by customising the car’s appearance. In addition to creating a unique style and a greater level of comfort, customising can greatly alter the feel of the vehicle. Although it requires an investment of time and money, the end result is thought to offset the means. There are many options or ways in which we customise a Mahindra variant. Whether performing interior enhancements or exterior upgrades, the selection of components available is vast. We also customise a pre-owned or existing vehicle in good mechanical condition subject to its fitness evaluation.

A Brief History of Mahindra Customisation Mahindra Customisation is a business vertical within Mahindra and Mahindra Auto Sector. It has a dedicated design studio manned by a competent team with rich International exposure in styling and design. It coordinates with a dedicated Marketing Team with 300 plus market touch points of Mahindra Dealerships across India. The customisation being part of M&M in-house division all customisation is done in concurrence with vehicle engineering guidelines without disturbing the Factory Warranty of the car. The Mahindra Customisation Studio is located in Mumbai and for all major customisation jobs the car needs to come to Mumbai post purchase and registration from city of owner’s location. Mahindra Customisation Sales and Marketing team can facilitate the vehicle logistics through logistics partners.

If looking to customise the external look from other factory vehicles, there are various ways to do this. Starting from custom paint job buyers can give their Mahindra vehicles a distinctive appearance by changing external configuration, shape, styling , add-ons, alloy rims, tyres, custom Grille, headlamps and tail lights, front and rear bumpers. Mahindra Customisation can offer to add Adventure quotient to the vehicle with Roll Bars, Rock Sliders, Bull Bars, Range of Canopies, FRP Hard Top, Snorkel, Winch, Super Skeleton Roll Cage, Body Elevation, Fog Lamps.

There are various ways to customise the interior of the Mahindra range of vehicles, whether adding colour coding to the dashboard or installing an enhanced GPS navigation system. Buyers can also get installed a complete sound system with premium sub-woofers and high output speakers for complete Home Theatre experience. A DVD display can be provided in the back of the headrest, in the dashboard, or hanging above the centre control unit. Other interior customising options include trimmed steering wheels and monogrammed seats in Italian leather/Art Leather/Premium Fabric. Redesigned door trims, Central console, Mood Lighting, Customised Floor Mats, Power Windows, roof mounted chillers, car fridge and 230 Volt AC output inverter to power the charging needs for your cell/tabs, camera and all other gadgets during the drive.

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